from Rags to Towels



anyone that knows me, knows I have been working hard on my future to ensure that my new small family can have the kind of life I wish I could have had growing up. nobody likes having to struggle. I have struggled; no running water, no electricity, homeless shelters sleeping in my car, abandoned houses, on porches, you can only imagine the trials and tribulations I was facing, and I have to say I would do it all again…

I wasn’t a drug user, I wasn’t hard to cohabitate with… I just kept my dreams so vivid in my mind that success wasn’t hard to find. I tried to keep some people and their lifestyles at a distance to create my own path and hammer out the mistakes in my life.

My care-free attitude changed meeting Tyesha, after having my wife move-in with me (we were only dating at the time). I had met this beautiful woman with no one to care for her like she would need. Her issues and shortcomings are what made me inspired and hopeful that we could fill each other’s gaps in support.

in return she pushed me, questioned me, loved me, stood by me through some things that she had never been through.(though homeless and no electricity wasn’t a big issue to me. I had experienced worse in my opinion.)

I have really refined my craft with system administration and I now work for Hewlett Packard and we are moving in less than 30 days to the suburban parts of Michigan. Building on a fresh slate some would call it “rags to riches” I like to call it “rags to towels” because towels complete the concept of the cleaning up process and only a towel can dry behind the ears…. so I guess you can say with all that I and her have been through we are no longer wet behind the ears…. haha



Well hopefully everyone understands I grew up on it before judging the kid in me lol. I dreamed last night I did an interview with Kevin Nash about redefining his image and possible changing the name of his finishing moves. We had already built suspense for the main event at wrestling “Wrestlemania”! I couldn’t get him to focus on his career choices and just wanted to go over hulk Hogan’s house for some “Turducken” lol my dreams really tickle me. I hope my son has a vivid imagination so that I can enjoy the stories and possibly swap stories. But sadly my son can’t talk yet so me and some buddies are going to a local bar to watch the main event. See you hulkamaniacs later!

Tax dollars at work (help)


It isn’t as good as it sounds sadly. My tax refund should have went to my savings account. But unfortunately I spent alot on stuff that I been holding on to for close to 10 years. Art van and my small place don’t fit, by technology addiction doesn’t help and my wife is like a deer in headlights when it comes to just about anything purchasable. I am tired and wish taxes was a secret lol but that’s my tax dollars at work…..on my nerves lol happy shopping (somebody stop me or at least her!)

The children don’t want to be…


I have noticed a shift in the direction of positive progress.
I have heard some ridiculous things in my lifetime, but this takes the cake.

I was offering a book to a young adult called “the odyssey”
They stated, “I don’t want that!” Jokingly I asked “Why not?!”, could they not read?!

Her response was, ” I don’t find it interesting.”

Me: how do you know it’s not?

Her: I would of heard about it.

Me: your going to have a hard time in life if you only find things interesting only if you have heard about them from a specific source, because your hearing about this book from me and I say its good and haven’t told a hint of what it is about!

Am I wrong for being disappointed in the lack of interest?

A future to Consider.


I have noticed a rise of interest in political matters in my peers. their call for concern has reached my ears.

I refuse to let so much Clutter destroy the social progress that technology has made for us  humans. I am going to make it my business to be more aware of what is going on. rub shoulders with the big wigs in so many words build a network to restore glory to Detroit, MI. I am tired of what people say and do and them walk away from.

the World as we Know it (Ending Soon)


I have in the last 5-7 years seen the world quickly become unraveled and less secure, unruly and unsettled.

I have rules bent, broken, and regarded as a hinder rather than what it was put in place to be remembered. The rules that protect us and the Natural Order of things are almost null and void. The fears of past things are now coming back into full swing. Diseases, religions, laws, and lives are all out of order and are reeking havoc on today’s society and their opinions and even their opinion are not of value because languages and terms have been overly used and modified by different groups and in different areas this all means something different.

I am going to break down different areas;

Society: Normality is now considered a fashion fatality and everybody is striving to fit into the “in” crowd. as human beings we want to be oppressed and restricted just to fight against the odds as a majority. because you haven’t really lived unless you involved yourself in some everyday activities that scream ” I’m accepted by my peers after years of familiarization” Religion and Sexuality battle with them selves and between each other underneath the laws that are being modified to pacify the growing will to “be different’ it is painfully obvious that history will repeat itself and there will be a time when everybody will no longer accept or understanding of what’s around them and desire what’s outside of their radius of reach and demand that it is made available to them for the lack of belonging because a longing emotion that starves our curiosity to make us dangerous.

Religion: they fight for the rights to the one true path of enlightenment and the longing for higher recognition and judgment of a higher power. it really comes down to the idea that “everybody thinks they know the answer” and the proof is left up to those that are in favor or oppose the ideas. they condemn what is said to be right or wrong and tie closely to natural law governed by an unnamed higher power.

it kind of just translates to various groups that ridicule and constantly try to recruit non-believers to mentally bond with their beliefs and distract them from realities and grief.

they have a rule or an idea on most humanly emotional, physical, and mental activity and wants it to be controlled so that chaos isn’t invited to your lives and promote the calm of not stressing over things out of direct control to the believer.


A Strong and prominent human bodily function that closely ties to pleasure and the necessity of reproduction and a lot argues that there is a separation between preference and reproduction. Other don’t see the line and gauges the pleasure as a direct disregard for natural law and order and there should always be a balance. homo/bi/trans Sexual beings are taking the attention of the media seeking acceptance and an amended thought process be encouraged through out the world.


My Perception:

I am who I am based on experiences, DNA, atmosphere and memories and thought patterns. what I say doesn’t not hold any ground because I am just one person and 99% of the earth’s population doesn’t even know I exist. I am fine with this and I don’t feel the need to be accepted or nor do I need what  Society, Religion, Law and Sexuality offers as a lifestyle. I know what I like, what things are in place for and why things are the way they are and that is the only understanding I will ever need in this life.

My Dearest Mother…


My Dearest Mother,

You are the sweetest, most confusing woman I have come to know but I still love you so…

Your ways seem so difficult or I just don’t perceive them correctly. Although things haven’t been handled with care like I hoped and pray the respect is still there.
You have gone through a lot of changes, challenges and experienced more than most could bear…

But lets prepare to fix what seems withered before it brakes, do what is needed and whatever it takes.

To keep love in our hearts and our minds from the what’s dark and twisted by being optimistic and yet realistic in this crazy world gone completely ballistic…

I Love you MOM!

mother and son!

mother and son!