“Staged Love”


seems you practice when no ones around


but your rehearsed deception knows no bounds


speaking from anger and frustration, proud of how it sounds


but you speak not from the weighted heart that pounds


while their pride ache, you find it easy to lounge


you perform your play on their emotions


where you claim devotion amongst the drama and commotions


that are provoked by your motions, that you rub in like lotion


acting out a bond that you where never fond of


building on pain that you later call tough love


you are a gushing wound needing to be plugged


you burn out the strongest with your deceit


cattle hearts like sheep isn’t that right Lil Bo peep?


desire the power of multiple men at your feet


like there is nothing righteous about even the dreams you keep


your love and affection is for stages a vague story with torn pages


your missing morale rages, prepared to bow before taking any vows


living only in a series of “nows” destroying and toying with those


you captivate with your performance and you hack away at their endurance


there will come a time when pain will be of thine own script and your superiority stripped


and your life will be as painful as the harsh words of your lips


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