So I have been dating…A LOT of different women. I have come to the conclusion there isn’t anyone for me. nobody believes in the idea unconditional. I swear I’m always meeting someone crazy, selfish, stupid, bipolar, inconsiderate or arrogant.

I had nothing to do today so i figure i wast time and go deodorant shopping, I brought three bars (I hate running out at the wrong moment)

got to work two hours early and dropped my phone. I have a job that I cant do with out the information i look on my phone for. smh so the girl I thought was super special is probably just special ed.   tired of being let down. I deserve some one with a decent metal capacity. I deserve friends who wish to hang with me without gauging my honor by how many girls i defend them against and how often I can drive them places. I don’t deserved to be treated like I’m broken and im not useful when the fun is happening. I don’t deserve to play phone tag with a man of God for $1000 computer i agreed to let him make payments on. 

I don’t deserve not seeing a child someone claims is mine but reveal lies to me constantly because I try to be generous to people who apparently don’t know i used to have a vicious anger problem i keep trying to suppress.

I swear I’m too nice its only a matter of time before I go off and people start looking how they really are, stupid, dumb, and broke as all hell!


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