from Rags to Towels



anyone that knows me, knows I have been working hard on my future to ensure that my new small family can have the kind of life I wish I could have had growing up. nobody likes having to struggle. I have struggled; no running water, no electricity, homeless shelters sleeping in my car, abandoned houses, on porches, you can only imagine the trials and tribulations I was facing, and I have to say I would do it all again…

I wasn’t a drug user, I wasn’t hard to cohabitate with… I just kept my dreams so vivid in my mind that success wasn’t hard to find. I tried to keep some people and their lifestyles at a distance to create my own path and hammer out the mistakes in my life.

My care-free attitude changed meeting Tyesha, after having my wife move-in with me (we were only dating at the time). I had met this beautiful woman with no one to care for her like she would need. Her issues and shortcomings are what made me inspired and hopeful that we could fill each other’s gaps in support.

in return she pushed me, questioned me, loved me, stood by me through some things that she had never been through.(though homeless and no electricity wasn’t a big issue to me. I had experienced worse in my opinion.)

I have really refined my craft with system administration and I now work for Hewlett Packard and we are moving in less than 30 days to the suburban parts of Michigan. Building on a fresh slate some would call it “rags to riches” I like to call it “rags to towels” because towels complete the concept of the cleaning up process and only a towel can dry behind the ears…. so I guess you can say with all that I and her have been through we are no longer wet behind the ears…. haha


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