“Don’t Forget where you came from” I am begging you to forget!


To be honest the phrase could not be more wrong!

For a long time I have tried not to forget where I came from and the past memories, events, actions and emptiness always followed me. I stepped away from my past …… king

and my future got much closer, much quickly.  I decided to reinvent who I was and fix what I consider old shortcoming that defined what I could not do.  I have more time, energy and emotion for the current situations of my life and the relief from grief has left me feeling complete! I doubled my focus, tripled my income and in 2 years, I got married, had a child, and all because I left my past behind.


So I dare you to forget where you came from, and clear your mind long enough to define where your going, then when you get there don’t drown in the details of the path and self conviction and enjoy your accomplishments.


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