Tax dollars at work (help)


It isn’t as good as it sounds sadly. My tax refund should have went to my savings account. But unfortunately I spent alot on stuff that I been holding on to for close to 10 years. Art van and my small place don’t fit, by technology addiction doesn’t help and my wife is like a deer in headlights when it comes to just about anything purchasable. I am tired and wish taxes was a secret lol but that’s my tax dollars at work…..on my nerves lol happy shopping (somebody stop me or at least her!)


Bound to the Pillow.


Bound to the Pillow.

For those that don’t know me personally I am going to open up even more this post.

I lost my brother last Sept, on the 22nd. That hit me really hard seeing as I had not taken my newborn son to see his uncle and he was born on 9th prior.

This weighed heavy on me. I thank God for my son, his existence has helped me remain sane. I married his mother a day before her birthday to make sure she knew how much I needed her and my son in my life. She and I are working through things like I always dreamed a good relationship would go. it really is a slice of heaven to belong and feel needed and appreciated.

I will always remember my eldest Brother…. Rest in Peace Xaibian Smith.

LABOR DAY “Son on the way”


So I have been trying to be as supporting as possible for my fiance. She started having labor pains and contractions at 3am on Sept 8th and and it is now 3am of the 9th. She has had a half dose of morphine. She is able to sleep before it is time to push out “Xajuan Bryan Timothy Smith II” he has has his mom in pain over 24 hours of mucus plugs and bloody shows of discharge/mucus. Water still had not broke

I am overly excited and over tired. Come on little Juan!