Well hopefully everyone understands I grew up on it before judging the kid in me lol. I dreamed last night I did an interview with Kevin Nash about redefining his image and possible changing the name of his finishing moves. We had already built suspense for the main event at wrestling “Wrestlemania”! I couldn’t get him to focus on his career choices and just wanted to go over hulk Hogan’s house for some “Turducken” lol my dreams really tickle me. I hope my son has a vivid imagination so that I can enjoy the stories and possibly swap stories. But sadly my son can’t talk yet so me and some buddies are going to a local bar to watch the main event. See you hulkamaniacs later!


Hope is Drawn a number of different ways


Hope is Drawn a number of different ways

Why does it drive us apart instead of together, why does it drive some crazy and others to be lazy. I am honestly tired of the political bickering and religious bashing.

outside of my house it seems like everyone wants a reason to dislike someone or they only feel alive when they gloat in their basking glory.

I feel like the hardest part of being a parent is the apparent problems. there is so much desire in the world to pull people towards their thoughts and opinions and everything outside of their truth is wrong. Free your Mind….and your heart will never be trapped.

Don’t believe what I believe just because it looks cool, because that’s not cool.

Wife For Life


Wife For Life

I recently married the “only” woman that refused to leave me despite my financial or emotional hardships. This woman is truly awesome to me. although she can be a handful at times she is worth her weight in Diamonds not gold.

She moved in with me, I lost my job she refused to let me struggle alone, soon the lights were cut off, she refused to let me sit in the dark alone.

She made her shoulder available even when she needed a shoulder to cry on herself. her Honesty and morale is the sweetest flavor to savor because bitter lies never touch her tongue but she can tell when they touch her ears and she inst afraid to say what she feels.

She is the only reason I can go on after my Brother passing. I love you Tyesha Smith!

Bound to the Pillow.


Bound to the Pillow.

For those that don’t know me personally I am going to open up even more this post.

I lost my brother last Sept, on the 22nd. That hit me really hard seeing as I had not taken my newborn son to see his uncle and he was born on 9th prior.

This weighed heavy on me. I thank God for my son, his existence has helped me remain sane. I married his mother a day before her birthday to make sure she knew how much I needed her and my son in my life. She and I are working through things like I always dreamed a good relationship would go. it really is a slice of heaven to belong and feel needed and appreciated.

I will always remember my eldest Brother…. Rest in Peace Xaibian Smith.